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TAP I FDA Cleared and CE Marked Blood Collection Device

Patients go to the doctor more than a billion times a year to have their blood drawn through venipuncture or fingerstick, which requires an in-person interaction and typically involves discomfort and anxiety for the patient.

TAP, the world’s first push-button blood collection device, transforms the way we draw blood by making the process simple, convenient, and more comfortable. Gone are the days of tourniquets, large needles, lancets, tubes, and bandages. No more sitting in a waiting room waiting anxiously to have your blood drawn.

TAP is placed on the upper arm and blood collection starts with a simple press of a button. The process typically takes 2-3 minutes. It can be done at a patient’s home or in a medical facility. This innovation provides easier and more cost-effective access to high quality central lab testing and is a game-changer for consumers, the health care system and patients.

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TAP Specifications

  • 100 µL whole blood
  • Lithium heparin
  • Blood indicator window
  • Approximately 1.5 inches in diameter, about the size of the bell of a stethoscope
  • Single-use – no ability to reuse, needles are secured in device
  • CE Mark Approved
  • FDA Cleared
  • Under Development: Ability to add future accessories, e.g. connectivity, additive array, sample separation, and dried blood spots

Instructions for Use

Please download the instructions for use by clicking on the link below in your preferred language.

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