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Making remote self-collection of blood samples, a simple reality

Across the world, people have their blood drawn over a billion times a year through venipuncture or fingerstick. Most of the time this includes a trip to the doctor’s office, sometimes with an additional trip to a blood collection clinic.

YourBio Health’s first product TAP made it possible for anyone to collect their own blood in a way that is convenient, easy and nearly painless, eliminating the need for a trained professional.

YourBio Health developed TAP II, which brings all the benefits of TAP, with exciting additional features. TAP II uses the same nearly-painless microneedles combined with light suction to draw and collect blood without causing pain or discomfort to the user and collects blood into a standard microtube for lab processing.



Seventh Sense Biosystems received CE Mark approval from the European Commission for the TAP II blood collection device.

TAP II features enable:

  • Large blood volumes (up to 250 µL) to be collected
  • An array of additives on one collection platform
  • A standard interface with point of care testing platforms
  • Small sample shipping packaging
  • Sample volumes which are viable for laboratory validation for wide variety of analytes

YourBio Health is changing the way people draw blood by making the process convenient, easy, and nearly painless.

The TAP II device is designed to be placed on the upper arm and draws the blood sample from a layer of skin that avoids pain, unlike a traditional ‘finger prick’ method. The entire process of collecting a sample is mess-free and takes only 2 minutes to complete. It offers a distinct advantage to those squeamish, or with phobias of big needles.

TAP II is designed to bring value to all stakeholders:

  • More convenient and easier for consumers
  • Faster and better integrated for providers
  • Improved access to patients
  • Minimal training resources required
  • Straightforward sample management at diagnostic laboratories


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TAP II Specifications

  • Collects 250 µL whole blood for processing at a central lab
  • Removable collection microtube, only the collection tube needs to be returned to the laboratory for analysis
  • Variety of collection tubes available with industry standard color-coded additives:
    • Lithium heparin with and without gel separator
    • Serum with and without gel separator
  • Target collection volume indicated on tube
  • Safe single-use: no ability to reuse, needles are secured in device
  • CE Mark Approved
  • Under Development: Ability to add future accessories, e.g. connectivity, additive array, sample separation, and dried blood spots

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Instructions for Use

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