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Thomas Cahill

Founder and Managing Partner, Newpath Partners LLC

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Dr. Cahill is the founder and Managing Director of Newpath Partners LLC. Prior to Newpath, he worked at the Raptor Group where he helped further establish and lead the life-science/healthcare and technology investment portfolio. His focus in on uniquely aligning interests between academics, investors and management. 

Dr. Cahill received both his M.D. and Ph.D. from Duke University. His Ph.D. work, with Professor Robert Lefkowitz (Nobel Laureate), focused on the biophysical and structural properties of cellular receptors and their signaling to inform novel drug development and discovery. Dr. Cahill’s research experience has spanned from the basic sciences to the pharmaceutical landscape and he recently started a company, Molindra Therapeutics, focused on discovering drugs for a new class of receptor target. His work has led to numerous peer-reviewed publications and awards.

Dr. Cahill obtained a M.S. in chemistry from Stanford University focused on reaction dynamics and drug delivery in the laboratory of Professor Richard Zare. As an undergraduate, Tom performed research at Cornell University with Professor Roald Hoffmann (Nobel Laureate) focused on theoretical and computational chemistry.

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