Board of directors

Marc Ceulemans

Head Strategic Venture Capital & Pharma Equities

Marc Ceulemans serves as the Head Strategic Venture Capital Fund – Pharma Equities at Novartis Pharma. In addition, Marc supports the NVF on a variety of issues. Before this appointment he held the position of Head of Finance, Global Business Development & Licensing (Novartis Pharma). Prior to joining Novartis Marc was CFO Europe at Johnson Controls and spent several years at Johnson & Johnson in various countries/roles. 

Marc holds an MBA from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Solvay Business School), a MA in Economics (Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp) and a MA in Financial Management (Vlaamse Economische Hogeschool-Brussels) and Bs.Natural Sciences (Open University, still in process).

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