Board of directors

Don Hardison

President, CEO and Director of Biotheranostics, Inc.

Mr. Hardison joined the Board in 2016. He brings a broad private and public company background in both emerging and Fortune 500 companies. He currently is President, CEO and Director of Biotheranostics, Inc. In the past, he was the President, CEO and Director of Good Start Genetics, Inc., a leading molecular diagnostics and information company, specializing in genetic screening for inherited disorders utilizing a proprietary next-generation sequencing platform. Prior to joining Good Start Genetics, he was an Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer at Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (NYSE: LH) in Burlington, North Carolina.

Don has served as President, CEO and Director of EXACT Sciences Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAS). Over the past 35 years, he also has worked as a Managing Partner of OnTarget, a sales and marketing consulting firm, and has held numerous leadership roles at Quest Diagnostics and SmithKline Beecham Corporation. He currently serves on the Boards of HTG Molecular and Decode Health. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

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