Highly Qualified Advisors with Exceptional Track Records

Our board brings an unmatched depth of experience from the medical device and blood diagnostics marketplaces to provide guidance and oversight.

Board of Directors

Noubar Afeyan
CEO, Flagship Pioneering

Thomas J. Cahill, MD, PhD
Founder and Managing Partner, Newpath Partners LLC

Don Hardison
President, CEO and Director of Biotheranostics, Inc.

Peter Hutt, JD
Senior Counsel, Covington & Burling, LLP

Robert Langer, SCD
(Co-founder) Institute Professor, MIT

Harry Wilcox
General Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Easier access to testing and improved blood collection

The health information in blood is critical to making fully-informed health decisions, but the blood-collection experiences available today fall short of making it as easy and accessible as it can be.

YourBio Health is changing everything you know about obtaining a blood test result by offering the only lab-supported service that provides a simple and nearly painless blood collection device that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

A man holding a blood filled tube

The team at YourBio Health is here to discuss how we can meet your needs:

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We are now YourBio Health

Beginning with post-vaccine COVID-19 antibody testing, YourBio Health offers convenient, comfortable at-home collection kits. Browse our site to learn more.

At-home test kits are currently only available in the UK

Seventh Sense Biosystems

Seventh Sense Biosystems is now YourBio Health.