Expanding access to high-quality blood collection and accurate test results.

YourBio Health is a direct-to-consumer health care brand that believes knowledge is power.

YourBio Health is changing everything you know about obtaining a blood test result by offering the only lab-supported service that provides a simple, and nearly painless blood collection device that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

We offer convenient at-home testing so you can easily monitor your personal health information and make informed decisions about how you live your everyday life. Backed by the latest science, technology, and certified laboratories to guarantee best-in-class test results, our goal is for you to feel safe, confident, educated and in control of your short and long-term health.

Our innovative blood draw device, TAP II, is now available to consumers in the UK who order YourBio Health’s COVID-19 antibody test that measures antibodies produced by the immune system over time.

Putting your health in your hands.

Direct-to-Consumer Health Brand

Our convenient at-home testing makes it easy for patients to monitor their personal health information.

Best in Class

We use the latest science, technology, and certified laboratories to guarantee best-in-class test results and offer cutting-edge solutions.

Convenient Access to Health Information

Our new online gateway is the only lab-based service that provides an at-home, easy to use, and nearly painless test for measuring antibodies against COVID-19 over time.


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The team at YourBio Health is here to discuss how we can meet your needs:

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We are now YourBio Health

Beginning with post-vaccine COVID-19 antibody testing, YourBio Health offers convenient, comfortable at-home collection kits. Browse our site to learn more.

At-home test kits are currently only available in the UK

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Seventh Sense Biosystems is now YourBio Health.